Immunity Challenge #16 - Count on it!

Overview: This challenge is both simple in concept but difficult in execution. It goes all the way back to Season 1 and was retired after Season 15 for being "too cruel" on the final 3.

I thought... what better season to bring back our most deliciously evil challenge than the winners' edition. If you want a spot in the final 3 you are going to have to EARN it and prove to the jury how badly you want it.

You will each be given your own thread here in Challenge Beach. You will count by posting one number per post in consecutive order. The person who counts the highest by 6c/7e tomorrow wins the final Individual Immunity Challenge.

If you mess up, you do not have to start over from 1, you just have to start over from the number that you messed up on, and yes I will be checking.

Remember, this is a marathon, its easy to catch up or gain the lead on people throughout the 22 hours the challenge occurs. A lot of it is psychological.

The jury will be watching.

-The numbers must be in order starting with 1.
-You cannot help anyone in this challenge, it is individual
Deadline: Friday, 4/24 at 6c/7e. Tribal Council will begin at 7:00c/8:00e as always.

Good luck!
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Alright, the numbers have been counted and verified. I can now reveal that the winner of the final immunity challenge is...


Congratulations, very impressive showing, I believe you had more than all 3 other competitors combined.

Kim, Russell, and Yve, one of you will become the final member of our jury in an hour.

Good luck and great effort guys!
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